Caring for your needs

Multimax offers a holistic service that covers the full transportation solution for our partners. Bulk cargo transportation is our core business and we offer total cargo care to partner’s destination in an efficient and timely manner. From small, handy-sized to cape-sized cargo, we specialise in dry bulk commodities as follows:

Coal Coal Steel Wind Power
Salt Salt Crane Truck Crane Truck
Grains Grain Oil Gas Oil & Gas Equipment
Steel Fertilizer Steel Steel Structure
Steel Granite Steel Floating Platform
Steel Steel Steel Offshore Project

We charter and operate vessels specifically to each of our partner’s requirement. Our chartering portfolio consists of transporting cargo across the Indian Ocean, China, and the S.E. Asia and Pacific areas. We also pay great attention to chartering projects which extend our services to Africa, Persian and the Arabian Gulf region. Multimax commands a fleet of 15-20 ships at any given moment – on trip, short and period charters.