Ship Building

We are the representatives of a first-class shipbuilder based in China. Its shipyard is strategically located in an open port, fully equipped with modern shipbuilding plants/facilities. As representatives, we connect our partners with shipbuilders to engage in dialogue. We also provide a full range of marine related services from financing arrangement, ship design – up to ship building.

Projects transacted to date:

Vessel Type DWT Brief Data Quantity Class Owner Delivery
Small Carrier 4250 135m*11.45m*5.32m 12 BV Dutch 2007-2008
Product Tanker 5000 110m*14.5M*5.32m 6 BV Dutch 2007-2008
Product Tanker 3280 110m*11.45M*4.3m 12 LR Dutch 2008-2009
Product Tanker 2850 86m*11.45m*4.25m 12 LR Dutch 2009-2010
Floating Dock 13500 200.92m*43.5m*15.2m 1 ABS India 2011-2012
Panamax 73500 224.9m*32.25m*19.7m 2 LR India 2011-2012
Barge 9000 91.44m*24.38m*5.48m 3 ABS China 2012
Chemical Tanker 3500 83.9m*18m*5.5m 4 CCS Indonesia 2013-2014